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Mobile / Responsive Website Designs

Today's browsing patterns have changed the internet.  Once most searches were done via a desktop or laptop.  Today that's not the case.  76% of all searches for a local business or service are done from a mobile device, either a smartphone or tablet.  If your site isn't mobile friendly, visitors will quickly leave your site and go on to the next one.  While your website may display on one of these devices, that doesn't mean it's functional.  It also doesn't mean that Google recognizes your site as mobile friendly.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is one that creates multiple viewpoints for a single site.  The site recognizes the type of device that's requesting the site and displays the version that is the best match for that device.  In other words, if a request comes from a desktop with a large monitor, the site displays accurately for that monitor.  If an IPhone or Android phone request the site, it delivers a smaller version with an adjusted menu that is easy to touch.

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Ninja Marketing Tips

A Big Week of Changes for Facebook

Not only were the financial officers of Facebook busy this week but so were the programmers. Three significant changes were launched to Facebook. While they may not be considered major by some, they are significant changes. Here’s a recap of what changed.

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What’s My (tag)Line?

Your tagline, whether it’s in a face to face networking situation or on your social media sites should be listener/reader centered.

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The Marketing Magic Bullet

Business owners hope that they will learn some secret formula that will let them e-mail 5000 new potential customers or build a huge Facebook or Twitter following that will instantly buy their stuff. Instant gratification, instant payoff.

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It’s None of Your Business — A Look at Online Privacy

Once again online privacy is in the news. On March 1, Google will be implementing their new unified privacy policy, which has sparked a firestorm of controversy. If you’re a Google user, you’ve seen multiple notices of the upcoming change to their privacy policy. But what does it really mean.

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Ninja Marketing Tip – Know Your Own Business Strength

As a business grows and evolves, so do its strengths and weaknesses. But often times, the marketing message of the business does not change to reflect those. For your businesses stand out above the competition, you must focus on your strengths rather than trying to be like the competition.

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